Program evaluation services

CRSmith Consulting offers a range of program evaluation services to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes and levels of experience. Fixed price packages are available. Call to discuss which is right for you.

Design Workshop
We can deliver a hands-on workshop, tailored to your organization's needs. We will work together to create measurable outcomes, goals, and data collection tools.

Evaluation Capacity Building
We can take your organization to new levels of impact and capacity by helping your team design a practical and effective evaluation program—while building staff skills and integrating evaluative thinking into your organizational culture. Learn more... [PDF]

Hands-On Program Evaluation
For the nonprofit who needs a virtual staff member to perform program evaluation, we will work collaboratively through all five steps of the program evaluation cycle to ensure that your needs are met.

"The Regional Arts & Culture Council worked with Chari Smith to provide program evaluation training for our grantees. The attendees reported that she was very knowledgeable about program evaluation and presented the information clearly exceeding the participant’s expectations. Another project we worked with Chari on was to assess our internal evaluation practices. She provided important insights and recommendations for improvements. She is very collaborative, organized, and professional making it easy to move projects forward."

Cynthia Knapp, Director of Operations, The Regional Arts & Culture Council