CRSmith Consulting and NPC Research partnered on the evaluation of the Oregon Arts Commission project Connecting Students to the World of Work (WoW).

As a part of this project, we developed a series of mini-guides on evaluation topics. These are designed to provide recipients of the Oregon Arts Commission’s Connecting Students to the World of Work grants with guidance for conducting evaluations of their funded programs. Each mini-guide offers basic information on a specific topic to help grantee organizations build capacity to implement evaluation activities.

Mini-Guide #1: Logic Model and Program Outcomes [PDF]
Mini-Guide #2: Measurement Methods and Tools [PDF]
Mini-Guide #3: Permission and Confidentiality [PDF]
Mini-Guide #4: Data Collection Protocol [PDF]
Mini-Guide #5: Data Management [PDF]
Mini-Guide #6: Data Analysis and Reporting [PDF]

"Chari is a skilled evaluator who brings an exceptional level of professionalism to every meeting. She works with intention and focus offering thoughtful feedback. She provides structure and demonstrates purpose for every activity in the assessment, design and implementation phases of the evaluation process.

She consistently considers both the needs of our organization and program as well as our limitations related to funding and staff capacity. Chari is working collaboratively with us to create an evaluation plan and tools that are sustainable and scalable. Her efforts are providing us with a product we and our stakeholders will benefit from program year over program year."

Elaine Charpentier Philippi
Manager Student Programs and Student Internships
BEC STEM Connect